Kalashnikov Group

The Kalashnikov Group is a leading Russian manufacturer of automatic and sniper combat firearms, guided artillery munitions, and a wide range of high-accuracy weapons. Kalashnikov is a powerhouse of the Russian weapon industry, producing about 95% of all small arms in the country. Special-purpose military and civilian systems are also manufactured at the Kalashnikov Group facilities, including remote-controlled combat modules, unmanned aerial vehicles, multi-functional special-purpose boats, and aerospace products. The Kalashnikov Group exports its products to more than 27 countries around the world.

New products for the Kalashnikov Group include remote-controlled combat modules, unmanned aerial vehicles, high-speed landing and assault boats for special forces, civilian vessels, automotive products, robotic combat systems, and plate carrier vests.


Kalashnikov Concern JSC, part of the Kalashnikov Group, is a backbone structure in the small arms sector of the Russian defense industry and the parent organization of the holding company responsible for next-generation designs of specialized weapon systems for military use. Within the Russian defense industry, Kalashnikov Concern is part of the Conventional Weapons sector. A blocking stake of 25% plus one share in the Concern is owned by the Rostec State Corporation, and the remaining 75% minus one share is owned by private investors.

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