For Students

During on-the-job training and internship, students have the chance to master practical skills for their chosen job and get real work experience at one of the Kalashnikov Group enterprises. We pay special attention to attracting promising students to the company and retaining them.
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Your internship while studying will count towards your tenure
You will learn to work both as part of a team and independently
You will have the chance to work with top professionals from across the country

What you need to know

About Internship
  • Internships at the company are open to students starting from the 3rd year, as well as graduates of vocational and higher education institutions.
  • Trainees must commit at least 20 hours per week; working hours are flexible and agreed upon with the supervisor.
  • Payment for interns is calculated individually. It depends on the field, the hours clocked and the intern's responsibilities.
  • Official employment in accordance with the Labor Code, individual schedule, paid-for meals, on-the-job training confirmation and advising on the diploma paper.
  • Upon successful completion of internship, provided there is an opening, the intern has the opportunity to continue working at the company as a permanent employee.
About on-the-job training
  • Training availability depends on the needs of the company (i.e. openings).
  • 2nd and further year students of vocational and higher education institutions are accepted for internship at the company.
  • Flexible work schedule is agreed with the manager.
  • Training at the company is free, offering an invaluable chance to get experience in production processes.
  • Having undergone training in our company will be an advantage for students when undergoing screening for an internship.

Our Interns

Anna Segal
Anna Segal
"I would always enjoy going to work"
Mikhail Solyanov
Mikhail Solyanov
"Every day I would face new interesting challenges"
Yuliya Derendyaeva
Yuliya Derendyaeva
"Don't be afraid to ask, dig in, and push for answers"
Mikhail Zamyshlyaev
Mikhail Zamyshlyaev
"On the first day of my internship, I was impressed by the mood and the work dynamics"