Kalashnikov Concern Employees Receive Presidential Scholarships

Kalashnikov Concern Employees Receive Presidential Scholarships

Candidates for scholarships for the development of contemporary weapons and military equipment were recommended by the expert council established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, made up of representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Federal Space Agency, ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation, federal executive bodies, and leading industrial enterprises. 14 Kalashnikov Concern employees were among them. A decree by the Russian Federation's President approved the final list of scholarship recipients.

The 7.62x54mm Chukavin sniper rifle, the KUB complex and its export version KUB-E, as well as projects to refine the designs of Kalashnikov AK-12 rifles and PPK-20 submachine guns, were among the highlighted projects.

"Employees from most every department in the company participate in the complex and protracted process of creating any weapon or military equipment model," noted Kalashnikov Concern JSC President Alan Lushnikov. "Designers, process engineers, and experts from our Construction and Design Center, the automation and development division, the special equipment division, and the toolmaking division are among those recognized by the President of the Russian Federation."

Scholarships for employees of the defense industry were established in 2013 and are awarded based on performance under a corresponding decree by the Russian President. More than one grant may be given to the same person, but no more than once every three years.

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