Decision support system

A new product for everyday application in areas related to any locations, designed to solve practical problems, including action control

System applications

  1. Geoinformatics and geoanalysis

  2. Dynamic navigation

  3. Situation reporting

  4. 3D terrain view

  5. Action control in near-real-time mode

System architecture

Deployed on 4 PCs, each solving specific tasks under the target use scenarios
LIS Basic Software
v.1.0.15 dated September, 2021
LIS Geohub Software
v.1.0.15 dated September, 2021
LIS Designer Software
v.1.1 dated September, 2021
LIS Mobile Software
v.2.0.5 dated September, 2021

System delivery options

Workstation Efficiency
Hardware/software complex based on a powerful laptop to be used in the field
Workstation Cluster
Software package for 5, 10 or 15 stationary workstations
Modular hardware/software complex assembled to solve the customer's target issues

Delivery package contents