AK-201. Make or Break

We teamed up with Kalashnikov expert Georgiy Gubich to prepare a series of tests for the AK-201, a Kalashnikov rifle chambered in 5.56x45 mm NATO, to evaluate its resilience.  

It boasts a length-adjustable folding buttstock, a new ergonomic pistol grip and a more robust fire selector switch. The magazine has windows to check the remaining rounds. The AK-201 is outfitted with two Picatinny rails, one on the dust cover to install scopes or any other sighting systems, and another on the upper handguard for laser sights. The handguard features a metal inner heat screen. The new slotted flash suppressor allows for comfortable use of night sights.   

In a bid to demonstrate that our guns remain operable in any given conditions, we will first bury the rifle in sand. Then we'll put it into a dust chamber. The third stage will involve drowning it in a mud bath. In the end, we'll put it through a stress test by quickly dumping twelve full mags.

AK-201. Make or Break

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