IZh 250ITVM Receives Russian Product Status

IZh 250ITVM Receives Russian Product Status

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has issued a ruling to that end to the Kalashnikov Group. The ruling confirms that the product is not only made in Russia, but also mostly uses Russian components.

Russian products with such rulings issued enjoy advantages in state procurement, as well as the opportunity to participate in various state support programs.

Screw-cutting lathes of the 250ITVM series are a universal solution for equipping instrument-making and machine-building enterprises, as well as training centers. Machines of 250ITVM series are notable for exceptional reliability, high accuracy (class B according to GOST 8-82), as well as simplicity of operation and maintenance.

Models with digital readout units make the machinists' work easier by reducing the auxiliary time for proving runs and measuring of parts.

Machines equipped with supervisory control systems increase labor productivity by allowing for machining parts in automatic or semi-automatic mode.

Kalashnikov Group is the only official manufacturer of the new 250ITVM series universal machines in the Russian Federation.

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