Izhevsk Mechanical Plant Celebrates 79th Anniversary

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant Celebrates 79th Anniversary

Today, on July 20, the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, one of the leading enterprises comprising the Izhevsk cluster of the Kalashnikov Group, celebrates its 79th anniversary.

The enterprise was formed in 1942. In the midst of wartime, Izhmech was formed out of part of Plant No. 74 (now Concern Kalashnikov JSC) and began producing products for the frontline, including the TT pistol and the world-famous Degtyaryov and Simonov anti-tank rifles.

Over the course of the Great Patriotic War, the plant produced a total of about 200,000 anti-tank rifles, about a million of pistols and revolvers and plenty of military equipment of other types.

The postwar history of Izhmech has been closely tied to the production of legendary weapons such as Makarov and Yarygin pistols, as well as sporting and hunting guns.

Today, Izhmech still manufactures civilian and military weapons. Its most famous products include the latest MPL modular Lebedev pistol and its modification MPL-1. They have already been handed over to the Rosgvardiya for test use. PLK, the compact version of the pistol, has undergone test use at the Russian Internal Ministry. It is now ready for serial production.

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