Kalashnikov Academy Invites Teachers to E-Learning Course Creation Marathon

Kalashnikov Academy Invites Teachers to E-Learning Course Creation Marathon

From August 17 to 19, the Kalashnikov Academy will hold the Marathon on developing electronic courses for engineering and technology classes.

The marathon will welcome teachers and methodologists of technology classes who want to convert their lessons into a format or create a full-fledged electronic course on their basis. This will make classes available to a larger number of teenagers in Udmurtia and other Russian regions.

During the training, teachers will master new tools that can be used both in face-to-face and distance learning, learn to record video lessons on a smartphone, create quizzes and interactive exercises, as well as run a video channel in social media.

The head of Prutchenkov Pedagogical Design Bureau Svetlana Prutchenkova, the author of the Digital Learning Technologies course Aleksandr Stepanov and other distance learning professionals will share their experiences and methodological expertise with the participants of the Marathon.

Participation in the Marathon is free. You can apply or find out more about it right now: 8 (3412) 57-38-10; ak@kalashnikov.academy; www.kalashnikov.academy. Teachers from Izhevsk and Votkinsk as well as other towns and districts of Udmurtia are invited to participate in the Marathon.

The project is supported by the Presidential Grant Foundation. Kalashnikov Academy was among 12,255 applicants for the grant in 2021. Out of 389 winners in Udmurtia, the Marathon project got the highest passing score at 82.5.

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