Kalashnikov Academy Launches Drone Control Training Course

Kalashnikov Academy Launches Drone Control Training Course

Kalashnikov Concern decided to create Aero, a new training course at the Kalashnikov Academy. Under the supervision of experts from Kalashnikov Concern, students will have the chance to master all phases of development and use of multirotor unmanned systems during the course.

The curriculum covers introductory and basic courses.

The introductory course imparts the following knowledge:

  • multi-rotor systems design;
  • guidelines for using tools and instruments to measure electrical circuits;
  • guidelines for handling batteries and flying safely;
  • soldering equipment handling;
  • setting up flight controllers for controlling multi-rotor systems;
  • piloting multirotor UAVs;
  • mastering the use of contemporary machine tools and processing equipment in the equipment preparation and part production processes.
In addition to the above-mentioned knowledge and abilities, the basic course program also includes:

  • peripheral device types and guidelines for connecting them correctly;
  • setting up flight controllers to perform various radio-controlled mechanism assembly diagram control tasks;
  • developing action algorithms for locating faults.
14 to 17 is the age range for those interested in the training. Additionally, a minimum 8th grade level of proficiency in mathematics, physics, and computer science is required.

All students who passed the final certification will receive an Academy certificate at the conclusion of the course. Classes will start on February 1 and run through the end of May. The process of selecting study group members is currently going on.

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