Kalashnikov Group Employees on Business Mission to Kazakhstan

Kalashnikov Group Employees on Business Mission to Kazakhstan

The business mission included participation in the IX Kazakhstan Machinery Forum, Kazakhstan Machinery Fair 2021 and meetings with representatives of business and industry.

The Kalashnikov Group was represented by Mikhail Lekomtsev, Head of Marketing and Sales Development of Non-Weapon Products, and Pavel Yuzhakov, the department's head.

Toolmaking products such as molds and machine tooling elements, as well as the OWL SCADA system for monitoring of process equipment operation parameters aroused great interest of Kazakhstan's governmental structures and key machine building enterprises.

"With the rapid economic development and the country's leadership's strategic focus on the machine-building sector, Kazakhstan market is a promising option for the export of the Concern's non-weapon products," noted Mikhail Lekomtsev.

The negotiations and business meetings helped outline the directions of further interaction of Concern Kalashnikov and Kazakhstani enterprises concerning the supply of non-armament products.

Besides Concern Kalashnikov, part of the business mission were representatives of the authorities of the Republic of Udmurtia, educational institutions, as well as leading industrial enterprises such as InnotechMarket LLC, NPP SARMAT LLC, SEGZ JSC and others.

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