Kalashnikov Group Honors Memory of Mikhail Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov Group Honors Memory of Mikhail Kalashnikov

November 10th marked the 102th year since the birth of the legendary Russian weapon designer, twice Hero of the Russian Federation, and Hero of Socialist Labor, Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Events dedicated to his memory are traditionally held on this day. Employees of Kalashnikov Group laid flowers at the Kalashnikov monument in the Oruzheyniy Square in Moscow, and at the memorial busts of the designer installed on the grounds of Kalashnikov Concern JSC in Karlutskaya Square in Izhevsk.

"Mikhail Kalashnikov created more than just a rifle. He set the vector for the development of the Russian small arms industry for many years to come. Today, many years later, the name of our great countryman and designer is known across the world. We are all honored to be part of Mikhail Kalashnikov's legacy, but we owe him more than just our name. Undoubtedly, the great designer's ideas were ahead of their time and continue to influence the small arms industry to this day. The legendary AK is still used by the Russian army and the armies of other countries around the world," noted General Director of Kalashnikov Group Vladimir Lepin.

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