Kalashnikov Group to Present Upgraded MP-155 Shotgun at Arms&Hunting

Kalashnikov Group to Present Upgraded MP-155 Shotgun at Arms&Hunting

The MP-155 STRELA semi-auto 12/76-gauge shotgun is designed for those who appreciate reliability and comfort in their hunting guns. 

MP-155 has been manufactured since 2011 under the Baikal brand.

It takes a wide range of ammunition, from lightweight sporting cartridges to powerful Magnum rounds, and has an adjustable gas-powered action that provides reliable reloading. This has made the MP-155 one of the most popular semi-automatic hunting rifles in Russia. It is reliable, durable, and suitable for hunting any kind of game.

The product has undergone over 60 operations to refine and improve its consumer properties.

Trigger mechanism parts are hand-finished and coated with zirconium nitride for increased wear resistance. The forend and buttstock, made of lightweight but durable plastic, are finished with Soft Touch coating to avoid slipping.

DuraCoat finish, available in Green and Snow Grey, sill help the gun stay visually intact for a long time. The gun's looks are also emphasized by water transfer printing, with Autumn Forest and Kryptek camo patterns.

The MP-155 STRELA can be purchased at Kalashnikov.Market starting October 1, 2021. 

The Arms&Hunting Festival will be held from 17th to 19th September at Sporting Club Moscow, 31st km of Minskoye highway. The Kalashnikov booth will also feature the MP-135 Tactical, MP-155 Tactical, MP-145 Los Tactical, AKV-521 semi-automatic multicaliber rifle system and much more.

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