Kalashnikov Releases New TG2 Magnum Smoothbore Carbine

Kalashnikov Releases New TG2 Magnum Smoothbore Carbine
TG2 Magnum Smoothbore Carbine

Kalashnikov Group presents the new TG2 Magnum smoothbore semi-auto hunting carbine.

This smoothbore carbine, chambered in .366 Magnum, is based on the Saiga-308-1 v.61 rifled model. The .366 Magnum cartridge sits between .366 TKM and 9.6/53 Lancaster in terms of power.

Like its predecessor, the TG2 366TKM, the new carbine features Paradox bore in the muzzle section of the barrel. It comes with a chrome-lined bore and chamber. The muzzle brake is removable. The gun comes with a folding buttstock and two short 8-round magazines.

The carbine weighs 3.8 kg, with a barrel length of 415 mm, overall length of 954 mm, and a 705 mm length with the buttstock folded. As per legal requirements of the Russian Federation, it cannot be fired with the buttstock folded.

The TG2 Magnum is a relatively compact weapon, making it a great choice for hunting large animals on foot.

The TG2 Magnum carbine is a smoothbore weapon. It can be purchased by people with no experience in owning hunting firearms. MSPR RUB 49,990.

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