Kalashnikov's TR3 Carbine Wins 100 Best Goods of Russia Contest

Kalashnikov's TR3 Carbine Wins 100 Best Goods of Russia Contest

Kalashnikov Concern's TR3 rifled hunting carbine chambered in 5.45×39 and designed to match the appearance of the new AK-12 rifle has earned a gold medal at the 100 Best Goods of Russia contest, and was also featured on the top 100 list of best Russian products in 2022.

The Concern's products have won recognition in this All-Russian competition before; in 2020, TR3 won a silver medal, while the TG2 carbine took home the gold award. In 2021, the Saiga-9 LOT Yarovit semi-automatic hunting carbine was awarded the gold plaque. The AK TR3 carbine, a civilian version of the AK-12 and AK-15 rifles, was unveiled by Kalashnikov at the Army-2019 forum.

TR3 carbines have the same dimensions as AK-12/AK-15 and the same gas-operated, rotary bolt locking action. Rigidly mounted in the receiver, the gas tube does not require removal for disassembly, instead featuring a removable plug at the front for cleaning purposes. Its handguard is attached to the gas tube/receiver and does not touch the barrel, which improves stability and precision.

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