Kalashnikov to Introduce Tactical Versions of Popular Rifles and Carbines at Army 2021 Forum

Kalashnikov to Introduce Tactical Versions of Popular Rifles and Carbines at Army 2021 Forum

Kalashnikov Group has developed three new products with good export potential.

The MP-135 Tactical and Mp-155 Tactical shotguns, as well as the compact 145 Los Tactical rifle, are based on the existing civilian models. The new products will be introduced at the Army 2021 International Military and Technical Forum.

"Previously, we would first develop product for government defence orders and then adapt them for the civilian market. Now we have decided we can afford to go in the opposite direction. If a foreign customer wants a certain small arms model, we adapt a civilian product already being produced for the domestic market. At the same time, we start selling it on the domestic market so that our customers can be among the first to try the new offering," says Valentin Vlasenko, head of the civilian small arms design center.

At the Army 2021 international military and technical forum, we will introduce the MP-135 Tactical 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, more compact than the classical MP-135. It is equipped with a muzzle brake, a full-length 1913-MIL-STD monorail as long as the barrel and the breech block combined, a pistol grip from the AK-12 rifle, and an adjustable-length folding buttstock from the AK-19. The customer will get a lightweight folding pump-action shotgun adapted to take a wide variety of cartridges and mount a variety of sights, lights, and other optional accessories.

In the Russian domestic version, in accordance with the legal requirements, the folded buttstock blocks the trigger mechanism, preventing the gun from being fired. As a further development of the smart gun concept, the civilian version of the MP-135 Tactical includes adapters for Apple Watch and GoPro camera. This makes it possible to use GoPro control apps via the Apple Watch and the original app available from the App Store. All of the solutions described are implemented in a similar way on the new MP-155 Tactical, based on a semi-automatic hunting gun.

"Of course, the MP-155 Tactical is primarily aimed at civilian shooters interested in a military style short semi-auto shotgun," said Valentin Vlasenko.

Both products have vast potential in the technology export format as well. Their design is adapted to be repeatable with the use of CNC machines available on the market. Even an enterprise with a scarce set of machines can manufacture these guns in a closed internal production cycle.

The MP-135 Tactical and MP-155 Tactical take 12/76-gauge cartridges, with a capacity of 5 or 6 rounds (depending on the casing length). Barrel length: 410 mm; overall length: 820 mm; weight, MP-135 Tactical: 3.6 kg, MP-155 Tactical: 3.7 kg.

The Los 145 Tactical compact rifle was developed in response to market demand for a small-sized rifle usable for high-accuracy competition shooting at distances up to 500 meters.

"To respond to this challenge, a prototype of a small-sized rifle with a thick match-grade barrel and an ergonomic stock for accurate shooting was created, based on the 145 Los hunting carbine," said Valentin Vlasenko.

145 Los Tactical is chambered in .308 Win. The rifle can be fitted with 3- and 5-round magazines and barrels of various length, at 363, 420 or 510 mm. The weight of the rifle does not exceed 3.6 kg.

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