Kalashnikov to Start Shipping Less-Lethal Lebedev Pistols by End of 2021

Kalashnikov to Start Shipping Less-Lethal Lebedev Pistols by End of 2021

Kalashnikov Group will present the new less-lethal PLK-T Lebedev pistol at the Army 2021 international military and technical forum. The pistol is based on the compact combat version of the PLK which has successfully completed the government trials and has been adopted by the Russian Interior Ministry to replace the Makarov pistol.

"The civilian version of the pistol inherited the best qualities of the combat model, that is, compact size, light weight, ergonomics, and the option to install additional equipment. The PLK-T is very close in design to the combat version, with identical weight and dimensions. Design changes made it possible to adapt the weapon for the 10x28 less-lethal cartridge, balanced, effective and readily available in Russia," said Valentin Vlasenko, head of the design center for civilian weapons.

The PLK-T is intended for a wide range of users and tasks, suitable for everyday self-defense carry, regular training, as well as for competitive and recreational shooting. As the pistol goes on sale. all the necessary accessories such as holsters, pouches and extra magazines will become available, as well as red-dot sights manufactured by the Kalashnikov Group.

The product is certified and will go on sale by the end of the year.

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