KUB-E barrage munition is going to be exported

KUB-E barrage munition is going to be exported

The KUB-E weapon system with guided munition has received export permits, which allows it to be promoted abroad.

"The Group of Companies in collaboration with Rosoboronexport JSC is ready to promote the “KUB” UAV on the international market, including during intergovernmental commissions and international exhibitions. It should be noted that this drone has already been successfully utilized in combat so its effectiveness has been confirmed in real conditions", said the press service of Kalashnikov Group of Companies.

KUB-E barrage munition was developed by Zala Aero (part of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies) and it successfully passed state tests in November 2021. In 2022, its serial supply to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is planned.

"Today there are little drones with similar weight and dimensions on the world market. The size of the KUB is 1210*950*165 mm, while it can carry up to 3 kg of a payload", – noted "Kalashnikov".

KUBs can be used to destroy infrastructure, enemy manpower, as well as lightly armored targets. KUB is silent and develops speeds up to 130 km/h thanks to an electric motor unit and can spend up to 30 minutes in flight.

The interest of foreign customers during the first public demonstration at the international IDEX-2019 exhibition in Abu Dhabi proves that KUBs will be in high demand in the world market.

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