MMZ: Personal Stamps A Sign of Special Trust

MMZ: Personal Stamps A Sign of Special Trust

54 workers at the Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant have received certificates and personal stamps, special trust marks attesting to their authority to conduct product quality control without having to present their work to the technical control department. This choice was based on the employees' certification for self-inspection rights.

The enterprise's Standard specifies the procedure for granting MMZ employees the right to self-inspect. It can be given to highly qualified employees who have mastered the production technology and procedures for operational and technical control of products at their workstations.

Metalworkers, turners, milling operators, borers, gear cutters, grinders, CNC operators, electric and gas welders, painters, and testers are all eligible to receive the stamp. Operations within the performer's area of expertise for the manufacture of parts and units, assembly, and testing of assemblies performed at a certain division are transferred to self-inspection.

Products with an employee's personal stamp are considered equal to those accepted by the TCD at the initial presentation. However, only BTC (Bureau of Technical Control) employees can do final technical acceptance of finished products, complex assemblies, and units. Heads of shop-specific BTCs carry out unscheduled quality checks on products manufactured by employees who have personal stamps.

Employees who pass the certification receive a raise and are granted the right to self-inspect for a year.

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