MMZ Sums Up 2022

MMZ Sums Up 2022

2022 results have been summarized at Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant JSC. The plant met its contractual obligations for the delivery of equipment related to the 2022 state defense order to the primary contract executors on time and in full.

In accordance with state defense orders for 2023 and 2024, it has also started producing and shipping tracked vehicles. As of today, the company continues work under contracts with primary executors for the supply of spare parts for tracked platforms in 2023-2024. A contract was signed with a primary executor for the overhaul of tracked platforms.

"By developing tracked platforms for the BUK-M3 and TOR-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems, the Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant, part of the Kalashnikov Group, continues to diligently serve the most important cause of strengthening Russia's defenses," Sergey Kozlov, General Director of the Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant, stated. "Our collaborative efforts, professionalism, and result-driven approach have paid off: we have successfully completed state defense orders and developed prototypes for popular new products, and our MMZ repair crews have ensured that equipment for soldiers taking part in the special military operation stays reliable."

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