Official Clarification from Kalashnikov Concern

Official Clarification from Kalashnikov Concern

An article titled "Pauk laser detector spotted in Ukraine" was published on the Kalashnikov magazine website on January 8, 2023. By accident, the Kalashnikov Concern came to be associated with the publication due to the names' similarity. Thereafter, reprints mentioning the Kalashnikov Concern and its media office appeared.

In this regard, we draw the following to the consideration of all parties concerned:

  1. Kalashnikov Magazine is a legally recognized independent media outlet that is in no way connected to the Kalashnikov Concern JSC or other Kalashnikov Group companies.
  2. The publication or the product mentioned therein are in no way associated with Kalashnikov Concern.
In order to avoid any potential misunderstandings, we urge you to contact our media office for official comments if you have any questions (contact information is available on the Group's official website, www.kalashnikovgroup.ru).

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