Owl to Remain TsNIITochMash Trademark for Another 10 Years

Owl to Remain TsNIITochMash Trademark for Another 10 Years

The Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering will continue to use the stylized graphic representation of an owl as its trademark for another ten years. The appropriate entry was made in the State Register, extending the duration of the trademark's exclusive right until February 2033. The company was informed of this by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

The TsNIITochMash trademark was first registered in March 1991. The sign's description states that there is good reason behind this graphic representation of an owl in a circle used. The owl's unusual appearance, special abilities, behavior, and personality traits are consistent with the core qualities of the institute's products and services. For example, large round eyes of an owl are weapon barrels; its "ear tufts" are a sighting bar; its ability to rotate its head 180 degrees matches that of certain types of artillery military equipment, created at TsNIITochMash; the discreet, diverse color of its plumage resembles camouflage; its ability to move silently reminds of silent weapons and ammunition; its nocturnal lifestyle and excellent vision in the dark are a callback to night sights; its unusually shaped hard beak can stand for elements of small arms ammunition; and its overall peculiar appearance tells that TsNIITochMash creations are unlike any products by competitors.

TsNIITochMash's patent and licensing department clarified that the institute had registered two Owl trademarks. One is red, intended to be used on papers, displays, and brightly colored product packaging. The other, black one, will be used on packages that aren't colored, as well as on ammunition and weapons. The 10-year exclusivity period for TsNIITochMash's red Owl was extended in 2021, and the black Owl followed suit now.

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