Russian ZALA VTOL Vertical Takeoff Drone Introduced at MAKS

Russian ZALA VTOL Vertical Takeoff Drone Introduced at MAKS

One of the leading Russian drone manufacturers, ZALA AERO (subsidiary of the Kalashnikov Group), is showcasing its ZALA VTOL unmanned system at the MAKS international air show. This is the first public appearance of the newest Russian unmanned system with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.

The ZALA VTOL combines the advantages of a fixed-wing drone with those of a convertiplane. The flight configuration changes depending on the task at hand. Electric propulsion system allows the vehicle to stay in the air up to 4 hours, providing flight range of up to 200 km in airplane configuration.

Its AI-enabled ZX1 onboard computer can process data in Full HD as well as transmit HD video and still images via encrypted links to the ground control station. This enables the operator to collect monitoring data before the drone lands.

The main purpose of ZALA VTOL is monitoring and aerial photography of any hard-to-reach areas and sites. It can be used to control industrial infrastructure, create photomaps, and contribute to safety of ground facilities.

The company's experts see the ZALA VTOL as a promising asset for oil industry and agriculture. It is already being used in Latin America.
ZALA VTOL fits among the most promising models of such equipment. Foreign experts deemed it so when researching the global convertiplane market.

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