Shipbuilding Enterprises of Kalashnikov Group Present Product Samples at Neva Exhibition

Shipbuilding Enterprises of Kalashnikov Group Present Product Samples at Neva Exhibition

Nobel Brothers Shipyard and Rybinsk Shipyard are set to participate in the Neva International Exhibition, one of the world's largest events in civil shipbuilding.

Nobel Brothers Shipyard will exhibit models of the Project RST25 oil tanker, Project T30B trawler and DAMEN 5712 crab boat.

The 139.99-meter-long Project RST25 oil tanker has six cargo tanks. It is designed in accordance with the Rules of the Russian River Register for the M-SP4.5 (ice40) A ECO3 class.

Project T30B small refrigerating fishing trawler is designed for fishing with bottom trawls, storing cut and uncut catch and ferrying them to the port without tying up at sea.

The crab boat was built under the CCa5712LS project. It will be used in the Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea basins and is outfitted with all the equipment required for catching and storage of live crab.

Models of Lider-10 and Lider-17 multi-purpose search and rescue boats, previously exhibited at GLOBAL FISHERY FORUM & SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA, will be presented by Rybinsk Shipyard production at the Neva exhibition.

Rybinsk Shipyard will also present a model of the Khaska 10 flexible-skeg hovercraft for military and civilian use. The use of flexible skegs allows using the Khaska 10 for all-year-round cargo operations in the shallow Northern waters and hard-to-reach areas of the Far North.

Employees of the shipbuilding enterprises will also participate in events on the scientific and business agenda. Deputy chief designer of Rybinsk Shipyard Yevgeniy Milov will speak at the Aluminium in Shipbuilding: New Opportunities roundtable with a report on experience of using large-size lightweight welded panels in the creation of the Khaska 10 hovercraft.

Neva exhibition will be held at the Expoforum, Saint Petersburg on September 21-24. Products of Kalashnikov Group can be found in Pavilion F (sector F6, booth 170).

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