Shipbuilding Enterprises of Kalashnikov Group Take Part in SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA

Shipbuilding Enterprises of Kalashnikov Group Take Part in SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA

On September 8, GLOBAL FISHERY FORUM & SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA, one of the key events of Russian fishing industry, will open in Saint Petersburg.

Kalashnikov Group will be represented by the enterprises of its shipbuilding cluster, Nobel Brothers Shipyard and Rybinsk Shipyard.

Nobel Brothers Shipyard is engaged in construction, repair and modernization of fishing and passenger vessels, sea and river tankers, purpose-designed vessels and boats, pontoons, etc. During SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA, the Shipyard will showcase models of Project T30B small refrigerating fishing trawler and DAMEN 5712 crab boat.

The Project T30B trawler is intended for bottom trawling, processing fish into chilled products, as well as storage and transportation of the products to the port without tying up at sea.

The DAMEN 5712 crab boat is outfitted with equipment for live crab catching and storage. Tanks with cooled seawater constantly treated with an RSW system are used for this purpose.

Rybinsk Shipyard is a full-cycle enterprise with the capacity to build over 30 vessels annually, meeting modern quality and reliability standards.

At SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA, the products of Rybinsk Shipyard will be presented by models of two vessels, Lider-17 and Lider-10.

The Lider-17 multipurpose speedboat can be used as patrol, search-and-rescue or pleasure craft in inner waters or in coastal sea zone.

The Lider-10 multipurpose boat can reach speeds of up to 40 knots and be used for search-and-rescue and security operations, for controlling compliance with navigation rules, as well as for pleasure trips, tourism and recreation.

The booth of Kalashnikov Group can be found in Pavilion F, Booth B10. It can be visited during the working days of SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA on September 8-10, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

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