ZALA AERO to Debut the ZALA 421-24 Unmanned System at MAKS 2021

ZALA AERO to Debut the ZALA 421-24 Unmanned System at MAKS 2021

ZALA AERO (a subsidiary of Kalashnikov Group) will showcase its new ZALA 421-24 quadcopter drone for the first time at the upcoming MAKS 2021 international aerospace show.

The compact folding design provides for easy assembly and quick launching in under 120 seconds. In full configuration, the complex weighs only 3.5 kg, making launching possible with the operator's hands.

The drone can be controlled by one person. The kit includes a fully functional handheld controller allowing to operate the unit even from a moving vehicle.

The drone can stay airborne for over 30 minutes. Built-in indication system allows for monitoring the battery charge level and predict the remaining flight time.

The ZALA 421-24 has a low acoustic and visual signature. The default transceiver antenna can be supplemented with a remote one to avoid losing contact with the drone when flying it in mountainous terrain.

The drone is equipped with a camera with triaxial gyrostabilization. It allows for locking and following targets, as well as recording and transmitting video in HD quality, even with a 10x zoom.

The onboard computing unit is capable of transmitting and broadcasting large volumes of information in-flight via an interference-protected redundant channel, which guarantees confidentiality. This feature allows to use the drone for the needs of Russian law enforcement agencies, such as surveillance and patrol flights. The ZALA 421-24 has also seen successful use for industrial, agricultural and scientific missions.

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